While having a classroom full of students is exciting. I can’t hide from the fact that not all my first grade students will be on the same level some students will fall short and be behind majority of the class and some students will be above average.    There is a student that has […]

Assessment Module

Natalie Caldwell  Assessment module  The question was how do we measure knowledge in literacy. Reading the article presented it is to my finding that the measurement for this is through benchmark progress monitoring. These measures seres as indicators of the general effectiveness of the instruction. Implementing these measures are important for teachers to have a […]

Digital Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan  Name: Natalie Caldwell                                                       # of students : whole class ( 16)  Grade : 5th grade                       […]


Lesson Plan  Grade level : 3rd grade  Duration : 20 minute  Materials :  red pen  Clean sheet of paper  Dictionary  2 pieces of line Paper  Pencil  Learning Objective :   Students will use prior knowledge and dictionaries to revise the journal entry.   Introduction :  -Good morning students today we will read a journal entry that […]


Natalie Caldwell  Writing has always been something I enjoyed. I always enjoyed getting my professors to see my side of the story. I took great pleasure in bringing clarity to my views on a certain topic. Growing up I found writing to also be an escape for expressing myself rather through characters in a story […]


The question is asked what is disciplinary literacies and to my finding it focuses on teaching students the differences among the various text used in different disciplines and the specialized reading practices required for comprehension and critical analysis of ideas with each. It is known to be called literacies instead of literacy because literacy is […]